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Civil Legal Aid Eligibility Calculator

  1. What level of legal help does the client require:

    Immigration matters only: Legal Representation before the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal; and the High Court in respect of an application under section 103A of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 (Controlled Legal Representation)

    Domestic abuse: Legal Representation for proceedings where the client seeks an injunction or other order for protection from harm to the person, or committal for breach of any such order

    Legal Help, Help at Court, Family Mediation, Family Help (Lower), Family Help (Higher), Controlled Legal Representation (Asylum matters only), other Legal Representation

  2. Is the client directly or indirectly in receipt of Income Support, Income Based Jobseeker's Allowance, Income Based Employment and Support Allowance or Guarantee Credit [View guidance].
    Yes No
  3. Is the client directly or indirectly in receipt of NASS payments (Immigration and Asylum category work only)? [View guidance]
    Yes No
  4. Does the client have a partner whose means are to be aggregated? [View guidance]
    Yes No
  5. Is your client or their partner (whose means are to be aggregated) aged 60 or over?
    Yes No
  6. What is the Case Category:
  7. Is the case about ownership or possession of assets and/or financial provision? (If 'No' go directly to PART B: Capital)
    Yes No
  8. Have the clients assets (held in sole name or jointly held) been claimed by the opponent?
    Yes No

The subject matter of dispute disregard only applies to assets that are specifically claimed by the opponent. All assets that have not been specifically claimed by the opponent must be included in PART B: Capital.